Audition Material for 2018

Please fill out an interest form for the 2018 season.   
Interest Form

Auditions Dates/Times

Workshop- September 17
Audition 1- October 1
Audition 2- October 15

9am-6pm   Registration starts at 8am

The Workshop is free and is for all age and skill levels to come learn the Genesis process and current 2018 philosophies. A one time fee of $50 covers all audition weekends, and auditions for both ensembles.  This can be paid at registration (cash or check).

Audition Location

Sparta High School
475 W. Spartan Dr.
Sparta, MI 49345

Audition Packets

Workshop packet is for Battery members only.  We will be mainly playing through this packet during the Workshop.  The G and G2 Battery packets will be explained but little time will be spent on that material.  

G18 Workshop Battery Packet.pdf G18 Workshop Battery Packet.pdf
Size : 498.948 Kb
Type : pdf
G18 Battery Packet!!!.pdf G18 Battery Packet!!!.pdf
Size : 937.038 Kb
Type : pdf
G18 Front Packet.pdf G18 Front Packet.pdf
Size : 448.493 Kb
Type : pdf
GenesisLiabilityForm.pdf GenesisLiabilityForm.pdf
Size : 17.875 Kb
Type : pdf

*Also check out the below Liability Form that needs to be printed out and filled out in order to participate in the Genesis Clinic/Audition days.  

Cymbal Auditions - Everything will be learned at the Clinic/Audition. If possible, please bring a pair of cymbals with you!

Old Audition packets and exercises...


G17 Battery Packet.pdf G17 Battery Packet.pdf
Size : 875.361 Kb
Type : pdf
G17 Front Ensemble Packet.pdf G17 Front Ensemble Packet.pdf
Size : 310.463 Kb
Type : pdf


G Battery Packet 2016.pdf G Battery Packet 2016.pdf
Size : 832.127 Kb
Type : pdf
G Front Packet 2016.pdf G Front Packet 2016.pdf
Size : 86.9 Kb
Type : pdf
2-and-4-Mallet-Grip-Definitions.pdf 2-and-4-Mallet-Grip-Definitions.pdf
Size : 21.176 Kb
Type : pdf
Roll Breakdown.pdf Roll Breakdown.pdf
Size : 56.951 Kb
Type : pdf
More Roll Breakdowns.pdf More Roll Breakdowns.pdf
Size : 70.825 Kb
Type : pdf
Genesis-Drumset-Solo.pdf Genesis-Drumset-Solo.pdf
Size : 73.372 Kb
Type : pdf
Genesis-Drumset-Legend.pdf Genesis-Drumset-Legend.pdf
Size : 33.873 Kb
Type : pdf
Genesis_Drumset_Solo_.mp3.mp3 Genesis_Drumset_Solo_.mp3.mp3
Size : 1211.267 Kb
Type : mp3


G 15 Battery Packet.pdf G 15 Battery Packet.pdf
Size : 647.33 Kb
Type : pdf
Genesis 2015 Front Ensemble Packet .pdf Genesis 2015 Front Ensemble Packet .pdf
Size : 59.173 Kb
Type : pdf
Genesis Etude - Full Score.pdf Genesis Etude - Full Score.pdf
Size : 30.163 Kb
Type : pdf
Genesis_Etude.mp3 Genesis_Etude.mp3
Size : 247.389 Kb
Type : mp3